A Maze Broken

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Years ago, I was sent here to observe, to find where we came from. I was sent by j_murdoch, to go answer the questions he couldn't leave the city to answer himself. He sent me from world to world to research, to bring back my observations in the hope that together we could narrow things down to find... home. But it wouldn't be home, not anymore.
The Nexus I found makes life complicated, but it also helps us keep the city going.
One pet raven, entire city of alternates, heart attack, pacemaker, a recovery interrupted by chaos, and falling in love with my nurse later, I'm still here.
This year I'll be getting married. I spend most of my time now playing one-man bureaucracy to keep running a city that is slowly waking up. I can still remember a time I couldn't imagine life without the Strangers.

Ravens are love!

The Nexus Labs is love!

((This is a fancharacter journal for roleplay. Dr. Daniel Poe Schreber is copyright Alex Proyas and Kiefer Sutherland and the people who own the movie 'Dark City'.

I am a member of Shell Beach: a Dark City Fanlisting Their website has wonderful screencaps and lots of them. They make me happy. Many screencaps taken from here for icons.

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